Brandenburg Memorials

ASF volunteer Uliana giving a guided tour at the memorial site.

Brandenburg Memorials combine serveral memorial sites in the small town of Brandenburg an der Havel close to Berlin. They tell the fate of people with disabilities killed by the Nazis in the “Euthanasia” murders and of political prisoners. They are a place of historical learning, remembrance and encounter. As a ASF volunteer you support research, work in the archives and you are accompanying visitors and seminar groups.

Impressions and tasks of ASF volunteers

Open air exhibition. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/zartesbitter [CC BY-SA 4.0]
The small town of Brandenburg located at the Havel river nearby Berlin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Queryzo [CC SA-BY 4.0]
ASF volunteers in their flat in the centre of Berlin. Photo: ASF/Helena Schätzle

The Brandenburg Euthanasia Centre was a killing centre established in 1939 as part of the Nazi euthanasia programme. Nearly 10,000 people were murdered there during its operation, primarily those with mental and physical disabilities. Today an permanent exhibition and education programs remember the victims. There are archives and a library open to the public. The Memorials convey also the story of Brandenburg-Görden Prison, where political prisoners where imprisoned and killed in the Nazi time.

Your tasks

  • Assisting research and preparing exhibitions
  • Work in the archives
  • Correspondence with former prisoners
  • Accompanying and guiding visitors
  • Support of events and seminars.

This volunteer position is combined with a position at Cooperative Mensch, a social centre for people with disabilities.

Your accomodation in Berlin

You live in an flat with other ASF fellow volunteers in the centre of Berlin. You commute to Brandenburg an der Havel by train.

More information about Brandenburg Memorials here.


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