Volunteer Service and Summer Camps

ASF-Freiwillige in Jerusalem. Bild: ASF/Ruthe Zuntz

You want to work for memory, diversity and solidarity and gain international experience? You can get involved socially or politically for a year on a volunteer position in another country – as part of an ASF volunteer group. Apply now for a volunteer service starting in September 2024!

Or you can go on an ASF summer camp for two weeks: In an international group you work together on a concrete project and learn more about the place and its history.

One year in Germany or Poland – applicants from other countries

If you want to volunteer for one year and you come from a country other than Germany, you can do a volunteer service in Germany with ASF. If you are from Ukraine, you can also volunteer with ASF in Poland. Apply now for a volunteer service starting in September 2024!

Here you can find more information about the volunteer positions, countries and how to apply (only for applicants from abroad).

More information for applicants from abroad

The ASF volunteer Evgeniia at the Sachsenhausen memorial near Berlin

Summer Camps

Two weeks in the summer with an international group working on a project and learning more about the place, its people and history – that’s a summer camp with ASF: You can do that with ASF in different countries in Europe and in Israel.

Here you can find more information about the projects, the countries and how to register for a summer camp.

More information about the summer camps

Summer camp at the Buchenwald memorial site

A Year Abroad – Applicants from Germany

If you would like to volunteer for a year and live in Germany, you can volunteer with ASF in several countries in Europe as well as in Israel and the USA.

More information for applicants from Germany.

The volunteer Lena visited elderly members of the Jewish community in Prague. Image: ASF/Helena Schätzle.


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